Matthew Wright

in the clouds

No, you add title

I’m not great with titles. When I work on something long form I usually stick to a single word. That way I can focus on the story. There’s too much pressure on first impressions. My best multiword title sat too long on the cloud, then Kate Mulgrew came along and stole it from the ether for a memoir. Maybe I stole it from there first, in which case, good for Kate for reclaiming what was hers. Maybe I was born without teeth.

I’m going to be 48 in a few weeks. Crazy. I remember 18 like it was yesterday but yesterday’s breakfast too often seems out of reach. I need a record of things, like the comfort of books and manuscripts, something I can reference in the future to help me find things in the junk drawer of my unconscious. But why does it need to be public?

I left social media years ago. It’s a nice idea, but always made me a little sick to my stomach. Even if I’m at a party with my few closest people, once I add all those people’s people to the mix I’d rather be alone. It’s too much. Either no meaningful conversation occurs, or, worse, the first 5 minutes of the best kind of conversation begins, only to be snuffed out by the hors d’oeuvres coming round. A man’s gotta eat. So, here I am. A blog. Crazy.

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